Unemployment – What Is It?


un employment  mean  jobless or to be unemployed.first unemployment  occurs in developing countries but now it is aunivrsal problem.in pakistan the unemployment is a big problem..due to unemployment lots of people are in stress or deperresion.self sucide cases are increases day by day.some people sleep hungry because they are enemployed and they have no money to buy food for themselves.the biggest problem is student have thierwell study and degree but there is very less oppertunities of employment thats why bieng an educated they are jobless. unemployment occurs due to low industrial rate,vast use of technology and very low oppertunities of employment.i wish government have tak a step on unemployment.they have to make oppurtunies for people to bieng employed. If there is no step taken by government in future we have to face lots of problems. Which is not just bad for Pakistani people but also for the people around the world but if we follow the following step. That can help us to control on it.

  1. To make higher industrial rate.
  2. Higher standard education.
  3. Checking population growth every year.
  4. Bringing political stability.
  5. Making extra opportunities  of employment then the population.etc
  6. Low use of advance technology.

More that if we give a hand in hand with one another we can face this problem easily and together we make a good decision for our future and the most important a big Control on rapid growth of population. Because if we think those just governments have to solve this problem and we have to do nothing. We can’t solve this problem. We also have to stand with government. How we can stand with government?  The parents have to get their children in best educational institute for good education. And if your children are not interested in study don’t force your children for study. Leave it what they want to be. Give your children comfortable environment. If want to be go an artist, fashion designer, sports  player etc. Because if the person head interest in anything. They also do their best for bringing it up. And make their dream make her/his self best employed in their work. On the other hand if a person who have any industrial area they have to make lower use of advance technology. And give employment opportunities’ to the poor people. It will not only end our country from prosperity. But it will also end over country’s poverty. And also the people who had financially strong they have to pay a text properly to the government. This can help government to make small industries for lower financial people from which they get employed.  we pay taxes to the government properly. That can help to our government to make employment opportunities for unemployed people. Keep these all things in our mind. And follows them one day our country is listed in developing country. But also we can live happily. For living happy and in peace always hard work and think better for your better life.

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