Today’s need (peace) | Motivational speech

One morning when I woke up. There was a

Strange feeling. Like I am stuck in a swamp.

I thought I was lost. A wandering mind, standing

Breath, desolate eyes, scattered hair…………….

Who am I?

What happened to me?

Why is this anxiety?

Called my peace?

The sea of questions deepened ……I felt like I

was drowning. But a sound came from somewhere.

لا تقنطوا من رحمۃ اللہ


Despair not of the Mercy of Allah”

The light of hope was so bright that I woke

Up. Who says life is ending while you are breathing

A sound came from heart….

“Despair is disbelief”

I got up. It was dawn. I performed ablution and

Prayed. The peace that was now can not be

Described in words. As if a voice came from the


الا بذکر للہ تطمعین القلوب


By  the remembrance of Allah,

Hearts are satisfied”

Yes, real peace can be found here. I cried for

A long time………I ask Allah for forgiveness.  I

Asked questions. I got all the answers at that time.

And why didn’t, I ask the One Who says “Ask Me”

There will be hope, faith, and belief. Then you can

Get peace of this world and hereafter. And when

I asked Allah the exalted, the reason for this

Uneasiness. So I got an answer.

Incomplete work and sin………… keep man always


Take an example,

When a person sleeps by thinking that may

If he rests he will find peace. but the restlessness of

The heart will not end. Because the fact is that only

When there is peace can a person rest?

Final achievements make us perfect and we feel


I also find today that immorality is also a major cause

Of this smell. It would not have happened if we had

Not forgetting our main purpose. It would be better

If we had a relationship with our Creator.

If we did not forget the last message of Prophet (PBUH).

”  To hold on the Quran and Hadith After Me ”

So today this form of torment is not seen. if we

Want to achieve something, we have to change …..

We have to strengthen our faith. We have to ask

Forgiveness from our Lord for our sins. We have

To wake up ourselves and others. And we have to

Motivate others to do good deeds by improving

Our morals. Then each and everything will be in

Your feels.

The science also prove that the Hormones

Of happiness like ( endorphins, dopamine, serotonin

And oxytocin ) release by achieving tasks, by helping

Others, by appreciating, by making jokes and also

With closeness.

The peace of mind found in small things is great.

Think and do good for others. This world is mortal…….

We have come here to prepare for the hereafter.

Unnecessary expectations have ruined our peace.

There is no place to live, this is a lesson, not a spectacle.

Nowadays, everyone is wandering in search of

Peace, but he is not finding. We must find the cause,

Of this unrest and try to address it individually and


Be dependent on yourself…….

Be dependent on Allah ……….

Then Allah will not make you

Too dependent on anyone else.

And you will find peace……..

               Peace …… peace ……..

Credits: Saima Rustam

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