The Interaction of Art and Science


Life has been described both as an art as much as how much beautiful one can make it science – how useful one can make it. Life is a precious gift given to man by God to be lived well – it may not be as Milton laments in his sonnet  ”on its blindness”.

‘And that one talent which is death hides

Lodged with me useless,

Though my soul more bent

To serve there with my maker

And present the true account

Lest the returning chide

Lest the returning chide’.

May be an ever striking, warming not to permit the talent to be lodged with you ‘useless’. Life is a talent and that is why it has to be lived beautifully and usefully. ‘Beautiful is that who beautifully does’. Therefore one’s action would determine how life has been lived.

The true scenario of modern life is that we all are blindly running after getting and wasting it over in spending. The materialism of modern life style has aptly been described by the poet.

Nothing do we see in Nature that’s ours.

Life has been given to us by God to be lived with a mission, with an ideal. ‘’To leave the world a bit better than what we found it to be’’.  The beauty of life lies not in decorations and the designs that one can provide to his palatial house but in how much pleasure one can give by one’s deeds to the society. One may live frugally but makes other plentiful with one’s services that are what ultimately counts. We will not be remembered for the luxurious life we ,lived rather for how many demanding souls have been rendered  facilities and made satisfied by us – that actually makes for the science of life. Our usefulness to the society shall be the point judging our art if living.

Life offers many challenges which sometimes seem insurmountable. They discourage us, make us despondent and depressed but eternal hope is the elixir of life, so never loose heart, pursue your goal in the rightful way. Keep looking toward the horizon, even the unattainable can be attained with courage of conviction but budge not from the right path. What is right, what is wrong, is the ‘’still small voice with in’’—the God’s voice which would always tell us. So to make life to be lived as an art as well as science, one, must follow.

To obey God’s order as described by conscious – that is duty to obey man’s order issued by the rightful authority is discipline. The foundation pf both alike is denial of self — a higher good, unless the lesson of duty is first well learned, the lesson of discipline can be but imperfectly understood.


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