The biggest disease is corruption, the vaccine is transparency



Corruption is considered a mother of all social evils, prevailed throughout society. It has entered every field of life creating discontentment and disappointment among the people. Political instability, economic decline, corrupting morality and lack of development, all are the disciples of corruption. Nepotism, favoritism, murder of merit and poverty, and external debts is the causes of corruption.

In order to vaccinate this evil, there is dire need to transparency, strict laws and punishments, zero tolerance, strong institutions and awareness through media can reduce the curse of corruption.

Corruption means dishonest, unfair practice of peoples who are authoritative. Corruption is the misuse of power for personal gains.

That is why it is said that “a corrupt man corrupts the whole society”

Let’s discuss the causes of corruption.

In political arena, corruption creates political instability, worsens law and order situations,

While public resentment against state institutions, mistrust, and terrorism are causes of social corruption and more and more dependency on weak economy, are economic causes of corruption.

Corruption impacts each and every aspect of society. There is hardly any field of life that could away from the bad impacts of corruption.

The worst impact of corruption is the bad image of society. Huge protocols, luxurious lifestyles present bad image.

Due to apolitical trend, the rich class is given higher posts and lower class is taken fruitful seats. This kills meritocracy.

Now when corruption on its peak, then third power is given a chance to take over the control of state. A military intervention is on the scene.

Corruption creates resentment and anxiety in state and its institutions. This causes the risk of law and order situations.

In a society where corruption is order of the day, there is the crisis of leadership.

Due to corruption, the slogans of transparency and accountability are become a dream.

The question is to combat corruption.

First of all, it is pertinent to implement zero tolerance against corruption and corrupt peoples.

Supremacy of constitution may decrease the rate of corruption and abiding by rule of law.

Countries should have strict laws and exemplary punishment in order to commit corruption like China, Korea and so on.

Strict rules and regulations are to be enforced in govt functionaries so that one breaks the laws, meet to strict punishments.

To reduce the corruption, the salaries of government servants should increase accordingly, therefore no one would dare to do corruption.

To eradicate corruption, anti corruption policies, must be part of syllabus and awareness should spread through education.

Government should introduce public social welfare schemes throughout the country to raise the status of poor.

To sum up, it can be said that corruption is the biggest disease that is spread especially by the people who are in high posts misusing of power for personal gains and leaving worst impacts on economy, politics, religion, social as well as moral. Unless and until corruption is vaccinated, a state cannot achieve the goal of success and highest status of global community of nations.

Credits: Umar Farooq


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