Superstitions and irrational beliefs are illogical beliefs which are common in many countries. These are the false beliefs and these beliefs are caused due to external factors. These are the concepts which are both related to good or bad fortunes. Most countries like Serbia, China, India, Pakistan, etc. have the majority of their population believe in this type of stuff.

Superstitions are common in all over the world and in almost all the fields like sports, cooking, weddings, etc. The eldest superstitions and irrational beliefs were created in order to deal with the fear of ignorance. These are like the excuses that we make if we are not sure we can do something or not. The superstitions and irrational thoughts are with us from the day when the world was created and man came to the world. These beliefs are made when people were uneducated and they think that every natural phenomenon is linked to them. Superstitions and irrational beliefs are also related to religions. Many people and mostly those who does not believe in religions often think that these superstitions and irrational beliefs have a big link with the religions and its believers. They also believe that prayers, rituals and other religious events and acts are all just superstitions, nothing else. Superstitions also depends on the culture and countries too. Like Russians believe that whistling indoor or at the sun is a graceless act. Black cats are very common for superstitions. They had always been a part of these illogical thoughts because of their color. They are not only considered as bad luck but in some Western countries these black cats are also considered to bring good luck too. Trimming nails at night is considered as the bad luck in many countries like Japan, India, Turkey, and Pakistan, etc. Talking about Pakistan, there is another common belief that if crow starts talking in front of the house or near the house then it’s an indication of guests coming to the house. There is another Pakistani superstition if it’s raining and you want it to stop it just make the broom stand beside anything. These types of superstitions are very common in most of the Western countries. Islam does not believe in superstitions. Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that the dwellers of Paradise will not believe in lucky charms and bad signals. As we know that these beliefs are made up by humans and these all beliefs are just coincidence and that is why we should not believe in them.

Superstitions and irrational beliefs are very dominant in the world. Superstitions can cause bad as well as good impacts on people. Bad impacts include people start getting demotivated and start losing hopes. Although superstitions seem to be negative in the world but yet they have some of the positive impacts. When people believe in lucky stuffs like shirts or any accessory which they think they will wear will make their day better. This happens certainly and it make people motivated and remain satisfied with their lives.


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