Before discussing the positive and negative aspects of social media we have to see first what is social media? Actually, it is a way of sharing our pictures, videos, ideas using different computer devices via applications and apps.

Mainly the sites of social media were launched for the benefits of people. Like shopping, business, education, and news, etc. But it became a powerful threat to youth. Now we shall discuss the positive and negative aspects of social media in different fields one by one.

First of all, in the field of education, social media played a beneficial role in the enhancement of better education facilities like online admissions and examination system. Students and teachers can also post informative materials on the internet. In this sense, it is a great facility for academics also. Similarly, teachers can get extraordinary knowledge on the internet as well as students.

On the other side, its negative aspect is that students post irrelevant posts during online classes. Some people post fake news on it that puzzle the students. While teachers enjoy the internet during class time that causes loss of a student’s career.

Now let’s see the use of social media in the field of business. Many brands and companies give their advertisement on different sites to share their products internationally. They make their followers and clients through social media. We have an example of a great business empire “Jack ma” who is a chief manager in “Ali Baba Group”. He worked hard in business and commerce and earned his name.

While in a negative sense, these companies are being hacked by hackers that stole their business shares via internet techniques. As well as many people give bad comments on their sites which leads to failure of their business.

One of the important uses of social media is by youngsters. Youngsters are our nation’s strength, power, and gold. Youngsters share their valuable ideas on social media. They raise the voice of the poor and needy to the government legally. They run different organizations through social media like “Our Great Edhi” and “Fund for Poor” etc.

On the other side, some youngsters do inappropriate jobs on social media like piracy, stealing murders and kidnapping, etc. They also access such websites and search engines which act as a virus for them. The abnormal use of the internet makes them a patient. The overuse of the internet mainly causes disorders of eyesight. Therefore, it is abusive in this situation.

Hence, these are the positive and negative aspects of social media. First of all, we have to change our attitude about its positive or negative use. We should support such institutes which form the chain of knowledge like, etc. Multi-national companies must set up a high-security system to avoid their stealing. In the field of education, institutions must strictly order the students not to share fake news with others without confirmation.

Therefore, we can conclude that:

Use of social media is beneficial but should be used in a normal way without getting its addiction.”

Essay Credits: Ghazi Ahmed Ali

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