Poverty: The Silent Community Killer


Poverty is a punishment for a crime you didn’t commit. It attacks on one’s dignity. Poverty can be defined as shortage of all kinds of vital requirements such as cash, clothes, education, asylum and basic health services. Growing up with poverty is truly complicated. In rural areas of Asia and Africa a poor is defined as those who have to sell their manufacture at low price and in return buy it lofty prices because they require instantaneous cash and lack storage amenities. It’s a biggest challenge for you that having no food no shelter but still you live. It’s not one’s choice to grow but God sends us to world wherever we are born we have face a number of challenges in our life. We don’t choose our parents after all or the household or neighborhoods we are born into but bad luck can cause some people to be hungry. Many people created their own luck with hard work however they being born poor.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”

Mahatma Gandhi

A number of world’s population below the poverty belt struggling to accomplish their basic needs like health and education. Poverty prevails through corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure, lack of education, political issues, population explosion, climate changes, natural disasters, lack of resources, different types of discriminations such as caste system and conflicts between different countries to gain power.

“When the poor and rich compete for services, the rich always get priority.”


Its eats’ away one’s materially approach and destroyed their moral values. It makes a child self-dependent from its childhood. They have to works in others home as a servant and in return got a little income to fulfill their basic needs.  It is estimated in a recent UN report, after Covid-19 pandemic millions of children will not be able to write their signature in 2030 because they will be died due to hunger. Crime and other social evils generated due to this curse. During Covid-19 lockdown many people committed suicide just because of they can’t earn and support their family. State representatives are marred by rudeness, harassment and stonewalling with poor. NGO’s staffs are poor listeners. Even most successful NGO’s do not reach the majority of poor households. The impact of a corrupt and brutalizing police force demoralizing for the poor , who already feel defenseless against the power of the state and elite. However, World Bank Organization and government doing more work to identify hot-spot of poverty.

“We poor people are invisible to others just as blind people cannot see, they cannot see us.”


There is a big gap between state and poor people if this gap reduced then it may be helpful to poverty eradication. Spend more money to wipe-out poverty instead of fighting. People should aware of population control. Elimination of fraudulent in government and private sectors. We also contribute to remove this curse by donating old clothes to needy, teach poor students in our leisure. Remember before wasting food, somebody still sleeping hungry.

Credits: Anam Hameed


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