Issues and Challenges to Pakistan

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Every Nation has issues and Challenges but the Nations which become trapped in such voilent issues and Challenges are considered as under developing countries. It is matter of sarrows that our beloved nation is one of the under developing countries in the map of the world. Our nation has  been facing many issues and Challenges since 1947, this is because if those who are unaware & unable to perform their responsibilities in right means. The procrationation and effectiveness like character have crushed the entire lity of common person. The problem which have been faced by this nation will be discussed.
(1) Illiteracy: It is said that” Always the educated Nations leads the world”. It’s prove is that states like America, Britain, China have been leading the world with highest literacy rates. The above mentioned countries are dominant on the world because of their skillful, tellented, extraordinary nory Nations. When we highlight our views on our country about education, our literacy rate isn’t enough good to lead the world. Our state is full of illiterates in their lives only darkness can be found means we are ideally may able to say that they are spending timeless & miserable Life.
(2) Terrorism:
It is a big challenge to Pakistan however, Pakistan has faced many panic and dreadful attacks in past which includes APS Peshawar attack which resulted the martyrdom of many Innocent children.
(3) Poverty: Poverty is core issue and it has massive effect on Education. May poor children are untouched with such pious blessing of Allah the glorious. They are getting education because the expenses of schools are beyond of their limit and status. In fact they are not enough able to afford the required needs and feeds of their lives. So, poor children in our country can’t expect a bright future for them.
(4) Corruption: Corruption is the root of all evils in Pakistan in a way that our nation is trapped with corrupt people who are decetful and unfair. The poor people & their rights are being victimized snatched. All educational boards are become markets where rankings and grades are sold. Corruption is as selling one’s conscience.
(5): Coronavirus:
      Yeah , it is the current & main issue of the world. With the grace of Allah Almighty Pakistan has good luck to have a bit of loss due to Pandemic. Even environment favours our dear homeland in the hard situation. World has great loss in comparison we found secure and save in page.
                 Alas! We couldn’t make the factual dreamt nation of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal we couldn’t make that Pakistan what Quad e Azam had struggled and accomplished. Now we require liberal minds and thoughts to make our country stable. So, let’s make this state dedicated, dynamic and daring nation. May Allah bless our motherland and step forward towards progress and prosperity…
          By: Asif Ali

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  1. He may justly be numbered among the benefactors of mankind who contracts the great rules of life into short sentences that may early be impressed on the memory and taught by frequent recollection to occur habitually to the mind.

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