Is education the key to a successful future

Education leads to the great success
Education is the best way to choose a better lifestyle. Education doesn’t merely means to reading of books, articles, magazines, novels actually education means to find out the purpose of your creation. It forms a person as a personality. It’s a way unlock the golden doors of Freedom, it develops the personality of a person, guides him to the right way & helps him to explore his aim in life. Education teaches us to be responsible, the way to walk in fast growing world too. This means to avoid bloodshed and always stands with with conscientious people who ignore their own needs and think of others. Education is the way to errect your character in the society. Today, Science has reached the Moon and has been finding the hidden ideas, mysteries of the Universe and also human being too. It teaches us to take perpetuated decisions in life, the decisions which change our lives. Education flourishes the mind of a person and develops the positivity in the mind of a person. The importance of Education is defined in the following concepts as:
* Education helps a man to find out the facts of the Universe in diverse nature.
* It helps in modifying life cadors.
* It is the best way to find out our destination.
* It clearifies the misconcepts of past .
* It helps to do innovative and meaningful.
* Education creates a mannerable attitude in person and teaches us the experience of life .
* It helps in understanding the psychology of other people.
* Education creates humanity, courtesy, Altruism in man.
* It develops the society skillful and prosperous.
* Education develops the motivation.
* It develops the positivity in sense to find out the answers of life.
* It nourishes the new amazing laws.
* Education leads the life like Hawking just sitting on chair to explore Black Holes in the Space.
* It diffentiates between right and wrong.
* Man is advanced is just because of education.
           Education doesn’t have any end it’s like an ocean which has no any bank and there is no end to it. We are flying in the sky and beyond this in space to explore the new Stars and Galaxies. Education is not to get job , it is a training of mind to think positive. It is a only education which teaches man to be man and live peaceful and disciplined life.
    By: Abdul Razaque

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