Importance of humanity in Society

Humanity can be defined as the quality of being human; the unique nature of a man that is different from other beings. Being a human does not mean that an individual has humanity. It is a pure quality that does not demand anything in reward. A person with this quality will work for others without any return. Humanity leads to care for others whenever possible. Humanity means to help others whenever they required that help the most, humanity means to forget selfishness when helping the needy because Allah gives the poor as well as the rich. One of the most outstanding examples of extraordinary humanity in human beings has been portrayed beautifully by Abdul Sattar Edhi, the richest poor man in the world. There are many others who proved humanity with their work for other human beings.

In our lives when we get an opportunity of helping others, we should help them without any differences in religion, caste, and nationality. Whether they are black or white we should help them equally. We all want to help each other; people like that. We all want to live with the happiness of others, not us. There is a story of a person who is the best example of humanity and who loves people.

Imagine that I filled this kind of garbage. No one will like to stay here, but there is one for this garbage search and what it finds there. It found a dead child body, washed it, and buried it. Since then, this garbage-seeking man with his wife has been none other than the lover of humanity, Abdul Sattar Edhi. He is the founder and president of the Edhi Foundation, a non-profit social welfare organization in Pakistan.

The life of Edhi is proof that humanity doesn’t require any kind of degree or any higher education, it requires only a pure heart that should be always there to work for others.

When we are helping others who are needy and disable, we are actually giving the precious time of our lives, which shows how other human beings are important for us. If we are provided with each and every facility of a good life then it is our right to help others without any curse of greed.

There are many people who always say that they have nothing for themselves even they are very much facilitated with all the blessings of God for a prosperous life, they will never help the others. They are the people who require best for themselves and for their families but not for the needy and poor people. In the rules of nature, such people are not among human beings but are worse than the animals.

Islam is a religion of peace and humanity. If we talk about the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) we will find the events of humanity in His every day of the holy life. Not only Islam but the basics teachings of every religion are based on humanity, love, and peace. It means that humanity is not related to any specific religion but with being a human.

In the end, humanity doesn’t mean to perform big things to get fame. We can become famous by helping others living around us. Crossing the road to a disabled person means humanity, to guide the right way someone else means humanity, to provide education to someone who cannot get it due to poverty free of cost means humanity.

Hence if we understand the real meaning of humanity and do good for others, we will achieve the real meaning of our birth.

Credits: Muntazir Mehdi