Facts about Human Trafficking

human trafficking

Trafficking means to deal with something that is illegal. Human trafficking means to trade humans illegally. Different mafia groups trafficked humans for different purposes. But their main purpose is to earn money. Mostly traffickers trafficked young girls,  children, and men. Traffickers are now omnipresent. They vary from country to country.  Founder of a new light in Kolkata  Urmi Basu said in India there is no opportunity for women to do anything. India is more dangerous for human trafficking. Most girls in India trafficked at the age of 12-13 years. The majority of Indians are misogynists. They consider women are slaves by born. Women are the source of making money for them. Samaritan Sengupta member of founder destiny foundation says there are more people trafficked in India than any time of history. A member of Co-founder Shakti Vahini said when we rescue one girl we find five more girls trafficked here. From India, most of the girls trafficked to Europe. Many social factors degrade the status of women in India.

The earthquake destroyed a number of buildings in Nepal. Traffickers take advantage of this and they trafficked young girls to India. 80% of the population of Nepal living in poverty, even they are unable to get an education to their girls. Traffickers also take this as an advantage . Traffickers are like hit the nail on the head. The girls of Nepal are like a dime of dozen for them. Girls are not trafficked from everywhere in Nepal. Girls are trafficked only from those districts of Nepal where traffickers have a strong foundation. Most of the trafficking occurs due to a lack of security on Indian borders. Traffickers also used cunning techniques for trafficking on borders. The police take tip and they permit traffickers for trafficking. It is a crying shame situation because police also involved in this trafficking. Moldova is a country where 10% of the population trafficked. Owners of the orphanage involved in this trafficking and they earn money by this. Childes are trafficked at Cambodia. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, according to the research of the U.S Dept of Health and Human Services. In Pakistan, females are promised for a job in abroad. Most of the females from Pakistan are trafficked to China. The criminal system is totally paralyzed in Pakistan. Due to poverty youngsters want to go abroad. Traffickers tricked such boys. The younger boys go abroad illegally. This increases so surprisingly in Pakistan with the passage of time. In this social media plays an important role. Pages like start your future, study in china are used by traffickers for tricking purposes. Gujranwala, Gujrat,  Mandi Bahauddin, Hafiz Abad, Sialkot, and Jhelum are known to be human trafficking areas in Pakistan. Director General Amna Imran Khan mentioned in her report, human trafficking has become a global business and causing serious problems for the government. The main causes of human trafficking are unemployment, government failure to implement policy, lack of law enforcement.

In short, we can get rid of this evil after a long time struggle.

Credits: Tayaba Hassan

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