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Depression is the most common disease of mental disorder. It can cause directly as well as indirectly. Mostly, the people affected by depression is due to friends or family members’ issues. The depressions are of many types, such as study depression, financial depression, Suicidal ideation, might cause a disturbance in sleep and cause appetite, reduced self-confidence, get mad get crazy, self-harm, etc. Self-harm is usually is someone cutting their skin with something sharp. It is where someone cannot handle the amount of emotional pain away, they try to throw in some physical pain to distract some of the emotional pain away. People that show self-harm to others often look for attention. But, those who attempt to hide it are actually suffering. Depression can gradually affect your body from your active sides and from with enjoyment of living life. In depression, if a person wants to be live with happiness they could not. No one can realize that how a person passes their life. How a depressed person keeps their loved one happy. It is too much difficult for them to making somebody happy. The age from 15 to 24 is the golden era of any person’s life but due to loneliness, social behavior, academic burden, expectations, failures, and many other things depressed the person. Depression is caused whenever somebody who is your nearer one would die or sometimes depression occurs due to overthinking, stress, financial causes, sexual disorders, mood disorders, etc.

It causes many illnesses like anxiety, mental illness, etc, and many other diseases cause by depression. However, anxiety is caused due to the body’s natural response. It also causes many other diseases like mental illness. Mental illness is such a type of disease which caused due to a long time involving in sadness or happiness or some daily life stressful issues etc.

It can affect our mood means how a person thinks and feels could change on negative sides.  Lack of desire to participate in activities that you used to enjoy are also other symptoms of depression. Frequent headaches or body aches are also including in depression. The condition of depression may significantly interfere with a person’s daily life routine and may prompt thoughts of “suicidal ideation”. It is too much serious disease that can affect your emotions, feelings, way of thinking as well as doing, etc. It also causes due to daily life routine issues like financial issues, it mainly causes the patients towards the sides of depression. It is a type of disease in which the person taking a lot of worries and maybe the reason for depression. The depression also causes the disease of blood pressure which is exclusively dangerous for the person. The blood pressure certain or mostly causes the death of a person by bursting of arteries. Depression can affect people of any age however they are elder ones or younger ones. The most common thing for which reason, the disease of depression is caused; is the common use of “abuses”. Whenever the person feels angry sometimes some people have a wrong habit of abusing which causes great depression so we should avoid the use of abusing or thinking about feeling wrong.

The most common symptom of depression is depressed mood especially in the time of the morning. Other symptoms are the body feel tired, worthless, guilty, self-harm, attempted suicide, Isolating yourself, Being away from people, Talking negatively, avoiding social situations, aggressive behavior, crying, constantly listening to music and as well as restless is also a symptom of depression. Depression not only affects one person but the people around depressed people are also disturbed or affected. The loss of appetite or anger out bristle are also some common symptoms of depression. In a depressing condition, the person is not in the condition of thinking about good things. Due to depression they think the wrong and talk negatively. People which suffering from the disease of depression may experience a variety of symptoms like doing wrong things, thinking worst about everyone means to make out everything wrong but most commonly in the disease of depression is “ a deep feeling of sadness or a loss of interest from any things or from pleasures of daily life routine activities. It also caused by taking tension or worries of any things.

This disease can be properly treated by complete medications as well as by therapies so, see a therapist, or you can cure depression by yourself as well by changing the lifestyle, way of thinking and by handling the wrong emotions or feelings, talk and think positively, make plans for future, reward yourself with a treat, be around people who make you happy and try to spend more time with friends and less time at home. You can hope for healing yourselves and should dictate a path leading to its cure by losing weight, by yoga mental exercises, by eating proper food, getting enough sleep, try to talking or sharing your problems with friends or with family members. The frequent attempt to treat this disease is to reduce the burden. So take a deep breath, to keep your brain calm and live a happy and healthy life then no one can deny you to stop any things. Start to thinking well and try to feel or speak well.

The conclusion is that whenever the person of depression feels lonely, helpless, hopeless, worried so they think the wrong ideas like “suicidal ideation” are the most common idea which disturbs them. Depression is also caused whenever somebody who is your nearer one would die or sometimes depression occurs due to overthinking, stress, financial causes, sexual disorders, mood disorders, low of interest and enjoyment, disturbed sleep and appetite, Suicidal ideation, reduced self-confidence, get mad, feel irritated, etc Depression is one of the most common diseases in primary care, but is often unrecognized, undiagnosed, and untreated. Depression has a high rate of morbidity and mortality when left untreated because many patients understood this disease unconsciously. Most people suffering from depression do not complain of feeling depressed, but there are many other symptoms regarding depression. There are several screening tools for depression that are feasible and effective in primary care. Usually, depression does not result from a single event, but from a mix of events and factors. If you feel depressed, see your doctor. Don’t delay. Seeking support early can help stop symptoms from becoming worse. Psychotherapy may be a first-line therapy choice for depression, particularly when associated with personality disorders, psychosocial stress. so we should try to treated or behave well with a depressed person and give them the calm environment and give time to talk with you freely and never leave them alone and should try to make them happy and try to tell them never giving up, So they should try to avoid taking depression and we should try to make them happy and charm. And the depressed person should never give up in life.

Credits: Saima Shabbir

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